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We've just held our ANNUAL SALON AWARDS and wanted to share it with you!

Watch our salon awards video...

The team took part in a 'total look' competition which involved them cutting, colouring and styling their model's hair with clothes and make up to complement an 'on trend look'. They all worked so hard and created some fantastic work.

Fi - Won 1st Place

Fi won 1ST PLACE in the seniors category

"I put my heart and soul into my model and it paid off, I was over the moon! It was a really memorable event especially sharing it with all our friends and family" Fi x

Sian Won 1st Place

Sian won 1ST PLACE in the apprentices category

"It felt amazing to achieve this after all my hard work, the atmosphere was brilliant and we all had a great time. This has prepared me for even bigger and better things ahead" Sian x

Staff were also recognised for their loyalty, and Jacob & Gary hosted their very own 'comedy awards' !

Gabe's award for 'Hard of hearing' !

Stephen's award for 'Stuck in the kitchen' !

The awards were great fun and we celebrated with our staff, their family and friends.


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